Big Iron 4

Big Iron 4

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The Big Iron series has become an enormously successful collection of high horsepower videos. This latest edition takes us around the world looking at more giant tractors, this time we travel to The USA, South Africa, Russia and the Ukraine.

AGCO’s Articulated Tractors
Not an articulated tractor but equipped with four-wheel drive: Built in 1929, the ‘General Purpose’ by Massey Harris was ahead of its time. In the 1980’s, well-known producers like Minneapolis-Moline, Oliver, Cockshutt, White, Allis-Chalmers, Massey Ferguson and McConnell merged. In 2002 AGCO bought up Caterpillar’s Challenger series.

The South African Companies ACO and Agrico
Designed and built by Alf Coetzer, the ACO 600 with its 820 hp engine is a true giant. The company that produced this machine has ceased trading – and yet, the “Yellow Monster” keeps on working Hoppie Mulders’ fields. With its robust and user-friendly articulated tractors, Agrico remains successful in the African market.

In the Empire of the Eastern Giants
In the former Soviet Union, more articulated tractors were built than in the rest of the world put together. In its plant in St. Petersburg, Kirovets alone produced more than 460,000 tractors of the K700 series, which boasted up to 500 hp. Kharkov, with its production site in the Ukranian town of the same name, builds articulated tractors up to 170 hp.

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