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Truck/Lorry & Transport DVD's
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Truck/Lorry & Transport DVD's


B-Train Bonaza 1
This DVD is the culmination of years of dedicated research on the part of enthusiast and previous B-train driver, Martin Phippard.

In the first segment, the camera crew follows DCT Chambers' Ty-Crop B-train on its journey through the Rocky Mountains hauling woodchips to a tipping station. The Ty-crop is a unique vehicle because it has no hydraulic dumping capabilities; however, the skilled operator and the tipping stations are well-equipped to deal with this, as we see in the DVD.
A number of different combinations of B-trains are also shown on the road in the US and Canada, including the Super-B, the Flatbed, the Goodbye Dollie and the Reverse B-train.

The B-train was initially not a hit with truckers in the US because operators liked their A-train combinations; however, once it became clear that the B-trains could safely haul larger loads, they became the obvious choice for the steel hauliers in Indiana and Michigan. In this segment, the camera crew follows a 1989 359 Peterbilt hauling steel into Detroit.

B-trains were not adopted immediately in Europe either and this was due in part to more restrictive hauling regulations and less road space. In 1997 Swedish hauliers noted the obvious advantages of the B-train and began utilising them in a variety of different operations. This section shows the B-train combos (also known as 'B-doubles') used by the OMT Milk Tankers. It also covers driver Dick Denby's attempts to bring the B-train into the UK.
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Bulkhaul 2
In this second DVD in the Bulkhaul line, the CP crew have concentrated on the loads hauled in New Zealand, Australia and Finland.

Beginning in New Zealand with a stunning Freightliner Argosy/Feldbinder quad-quad combination working for Golden Bay Cement south of Auckland, the DVD then looks at a Godfrey bonneted Kenworth eight-axle truck-trailer combination hauling on a very wet day.

Next stop is Australia where footage has been captured of an immaculate Atkinson road train collecting grain from remote paddocks in New South Wales. This vehicle boasts a powerful Detroit two-stroke V8 engine. Other models seen on the Australian haul are a B-train tipper and an AB-Triple 3-trailer side-tipper combination headed up by a Western Star prime mover.

The final segment of the DVD takes place in Northern Finland during the winter months; the machine featured is a superb Sisu cassette tipper, powered by an 18-litre CAT engine producing
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As the name suggests, this DVD is concerned with capturing some of the world's most interesting bulk haulage operations. Travelling to the USA, Canada, Britain, and Western Australia in order to obtain incredible footage, the CPP team have filmed a wide variety of operators utilising their skills and their machines to tackle the jobs at hand.

This DVD follows twin-trailer operations in Michigan, USA; twin-steer rigids with trailers in Canada; and a bulk tank artic in Britain. Also included is a massive 194-tonne four-trailer roadtrain haul in Western Australia.

Western Star
600 hp Volvo FH tractor
1955 Atkinson 8-wheeler
1970s Australian Atkinson
194-tonne four-trailer roadtrain.
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West Coast Revisited
This stunning DVD visits North America's west coast and presents some of the most exciting images of heavy-duty trucks and trucking operations to be seen that side of the Continental Divide.

The journey begins in Canada with a look at specialist bulk transport. Then it moves south into the States of Washington and Oregon, in the USA, to show images of immaculate trucks hauling heavy and specialist loads. The final haul takes place on a winding mountain highway in northern Mexico where risk is obviously the name of the game.

Featured are five-axle mixer trucks, 63-tonne B-Trains, amazing stretch-reach combinations equipped with 30ft long drawbars, Kenworths moving 90ft long concrete beams using steer-cars plus unforgettable scenes of colourful trucks of all types negotiating the highways of Mexico.

A truly exhilarating programme dedicated to the serious trucking enthusiast.

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Looking at Logging Part 1
Logging transport has a special place in the world of trucking. Vehicles are large, powerful and have to withstand heavy work day in, day out. Operating in demanding terrain on steep and treacherous mountain roads, log drivers are a special breed who develop a close bond with the vehicles in which they spend their lives. Their skills are matched only by those of the timber handlers working with their outsize machinery.

Looking at Logging Part 1 is the first of a two-part programme in which Pete Connock and Martin Phippard offer a unique insight into logging operations around the world.

Viewers are first introduced to the history of timber extraction around the globe. This is followed by a trip to Finland where a 60-tonne Sisu demonstrator powered by a CAT diesel hauls timber along snow-covered forest tracks.

On Vancouver Island in Canada off-highway Kenworth 850s operated by Western Forest Products are later seen hard at work among the spectacular mountains of Gold River.

In the southern hemisphere Kenworth B-double combinations cope with the rugged terrain of Tasmania. In New Zealand's north island the unforgettable spectacle of Rod Dahm's double-trailer outfits and the unique Pacific 'Twin Power' have been caught on film . Finally, we take a look at the Dai Wood operation in Wales using the first Volvo FMX tractor unit sold in the UK.

For over fifteen years Pete Connock and Martin Phippard have been making trucking programmes for enthusiasts. The...
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Eddie Stobart - Trucks & Trailers Series Two
The observational documentary series about the iconic haulage firm, Eddie Stobart, returns with bigger and better trucks and more time-laden jeopardy. Their 3000 drivers cover the distance to the moon and back every day, making deliveries every 20 seconds.

Eddie Stobarts trucks are a familiar sight on the motorways of Europe and they play a massive role in keeping freight moving across the UK & the continent.

Now the Stobart trucks, with their female names and distinctive livery, are featured in this new DVD release of the second series of the Channel Five series, Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers. But this four DVD box set is not just about trucks it s also about the men and women that keep the Stobart trucks rolling 24 hours a day.

For the truckers, planners, and bosses of Eddie Stobart, time is money, and jams, breakdowns and empty trailers are cash down the drain.

Stobart make a delivery every 4.6 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It's a company of five thousand people, driving two thousand trucks, packing three thousand trailers, running two ports, two airports and endless freight trains.

In each episode we tell stories which will have characters facing high stakes. We'll get to know the bosses who watch every penny from the control room and negotiate multi-million pound contracts. We'll see the men and women who move millions of pounds of stock in and out of the huge warehouses and container ports filled with everything that keeps Bri...
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The Ayrshire Road Run 2011
Now in it's 18th year the Ayrshire Road Run continues to attract a large number of new entrants.

The 2011 event attracted around 130 vehicles with Mr. M. Janes bringing two ERF `A' Series all the way from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Billy Bowie, Kilmarnock entered four vehicles that we hadn't seen before, we would certainly have remembered the bright yellow livery on the two Leyland Marathons and the Scammell Handyman. Two more that we hadn't seen before were J.Scott's superbly presented 1988 Volvo F 16 and 1978 Scania 141, both in the livery of Gunning's Motors.

Once again the organisers were blessed with lots of sunshine. Great scenery, great sounds and lots of fast running.
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Powamove The West Burton Project Part 1
The Man Ballast Tractor
ALE acquired the MAN Ballast Tractor in 2009 and subsequently changed the colour to the famous black and red livery that has become synonymous with their fleet.

This DVD covers the transportation of a 285 tonne Transformer from the RMS Port of Goole to West Burton Power Station, situated to the north west of Gainsborough - with the MAN Ballast Tractor acting as escort.

The Unipower is featured as lead Tractor Unit hauling the AL-100 Frame Trailer along the M62, M18 and A1 in tandem with the Faun HZ 40/45. The final leg of the movement features the MAN Ballast Tractor hooked up as the third unit.

See also Part 2 - “The Faun Elefant”
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Wynns Archive Vol. 15
This programme starts with a large vessel, weighing around 120 tons been delivered to Alexandria Dock Newport ready for loading onto the heavy-lift ship ‘Gloria-Sidrum’.
Two WYNNS Scammell Contractors are seen moving a 220 tons stator from English Electric, Stafford using a ‘Wrekin Roadways’ trailer.
A Scammell Amazon 100 ton 6 x 4 tractor is seen negotiating the narrow streets of Caerleon with a large cased load from Bridgend bound for Liverpool Docks. WYNNS only bought one Foden tractor unit and its shown on Carnival Queen duty at Newport Carnival. WYNNS moved a lot of North Sea Oil Rig modules at the Whessoe Plant Yard, Dock Point, Middlesborough. These moves involved moving very large modules from ships to a pontoon and then offloading them from the pontoon at their final destination. We see one of these operations being done in collaboration with SUNTERS. WYNNS first 240 ton Scammell Contractor ‘Superior’ was used along with SUNTERS Scammell Contractor and a Scania.
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Big Rig Bounty Hunters Season 1
3 Disc Collection

America's roads and highways are the
trade routes for a bustling economy.
Every week, hundreds of trucks carrying
valuable cargo go missing. Stolen and
abandoned, these big rigs have to be
hunted down and hauled in or the
trucking companies lose money. Each
missing truck carries a bounty if
recovered and an additional reward if
the load is found intact.

BIG RIG BOUNTY HUNTERS follows five to
six groups of truck hunters across
America as they embark on some of the
most dangerous hunts to retrieve
missing truck loads. This cast of
colourful characters compete against
each other as well as a ticking clock.
There's money to be made from locating
the trailer, and if there's anything
left of the load inside, the hunter
gets a percentage. From retrieving
stolen loads to collecting
repossessions, a day in the life of a
truck hunter is never easy, but the
dollar signs keep these truckers
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Wynns Archive Volume 16
John Wildy
This programme starts with more film
footage of equipment being moved from
Port Sudan to Rabak for the Kenana
Sugar contract. When Wynns Archive Vol
13 was produced we thought that there
was no more film footage about the
Kenana Sugar moves but this DVD
includes some 26 minutes of film that
John Wynn had not seen before. Detroit
Diesel powered Bedford TMs feature

Following the conclusion of the Kenana
Sugar contract, and before the start of
the new contract with Polytra NV of
Belgium, three Caterpillar D7
bulldozers were hauled from Port Sudan
to Khartoum. Scammell Contractor
"Hercules" and two 50 ton semi-trailers
plus dolly were used. The journey
through Aqabar Pass was on the newly
completed tarmac road.

The final section of this programme
shows the first convoy from Port Sudan
to Khartoum hauling equipment for the
Sudan-Ren Fertiliser plant. Travelling
with the convoy was a five-axle Coles
truck mounted 120 capacity crane.

Commentary by John Wynn.
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Wynns Archive Volume 17
This programme starts with Diamond 'T'
EDW 95 and trailer moving 303 moving an
80-ton turbo alternator from English
Electric, Stafford to Stourport Power
Station. The move took place in
November 1949 and was Wynns first move
for English Electric.
Two Scammell Contractors are shown
moving a 240-ton vessel over soft
ground at the Mobil refinery Coryton,
Essex. The vessel was 180 feet long
and was one of fourteen moved by Wynns
for Blaesbjorg UK.

In April 1975, at the whessoe Plant
Yard, Middlesborough, Wynns moved a
1400-ton North Sea Oil Rig module some
500 yards onto a floating pontoon. The
module was 232ft long, 43ft wide and
56ft high.

A Scammell Junior Contractor and a pair
of three-line bogies were used to move
a vessel from Danks Engineering,
Netheron to Liverpool docks. At 41.68m
long and weighing 65 tonnes it was the
longest vessel to be built by Danks.

A number of various moves featuring
Pacifics, 45-ton chain-driven Scammells
and Foden Drawbar tractor 112 are also

Commentary by John Wynn
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Wynns Archive Volume 18
In 1970 Wynns were approached by petro-
chemical contractors, Simon-Litwin, to
move heavy equipment from Famagusta
Docks to the site of a new oil refinery
at Larnaca. Pacific drawbar tractor
'Helpmate' and a trailer were sent to
Cyprus in November 1970. Wynns had to
move two 60-ton corner tube boilers and
these boilers had to burned on their
side before they could be transported.

In 1973 Wynns were contacted by
Babcock Atalntique, St.Nazaire, France
to load two offshore oil rig struts
onto the ro/ro ship Navipesa Dos. The
struts were 144ft long, 20ft wide and
wighed 196 tonnes. The struts were
unloaded at West Hartlepool and
transported seven miles to Graythorpe.

In the Sudan Wynns ahd to move tow
85-ton corner tube boilers 760 miles
from Port Sudan to Khartoum. The offset
centre of gravity meant that the load
was overhanging by as much as four
feet. Steersman John Dixon rode shot-
gun on teh trailer for the entire run,
steering the trailer and controlling
the hydraulics which kept the load up-

Commentary by John Wynn.
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Wynns Archive Volume 20
The programme starts with Scammells
'Hercules' and 'Champion' being
unloaded from the 'Clan McNair' at
Avonmouth Dock following the end of the
Kairba Dam contract.
Wynns suppolied Scammells 'Conqueror'
and 'Hurcules' to move Broyt loading
shovels from Port Sudan to Khartoum.
 They then joined a large 50-vehicle
convoy of Held and Franke's trucks,
dumpers, plant and equipment across the
desert to Nyala.  Conditions were by
farm the worse Wynns had encountered in
the Sudan.
'Talisman' is shown moving one of the
five 85 ton, 120ft long 'bullet'
storage vessels from Port Sudan to
Wynns' infamous black liveried Scammell
is shown assisting in moving four 250
ton diesel engines from Port Sudan to
The programme finishes with film of
John Wynn driving a Scammell S24 in the

Commentary by John Wynn.
New & unused DVD, guaranteed genuine
original, not a copy.  Running time 60
mins. approx.
Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19
of this series are also available
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Wynns Archive Volume 19
This programme shows just how varied
the contracts fulfilled by WYNNS were
and just how skilled their workforce
needed to be before the advent of large
mobile hydraulic cranes.
Brand new Scammell Contractor No 640 is
shown at the Texaco Refinery, Pembroke
assisting two other Scammells to move a
350 tonne vessel up a 1 in 12 ascent.
 No 640 was still in primer paint and
would eventually be named 'Invincible'.
'Festival of Britain' girders are shown
being used to move a 105 ton gun
mounting form Woowich Arsenal to
Shoeburyness, Essex.
Trailer 666 is shown on 3rd November
1956 with it's test load form Cranes of
Deerham to Great Yarmouth.
Around 30 different operations are

Commentary by John Wynn.
New & unused DVD, guaranteed genuine
original, not a copy.  Running time 60
mins. approx.
Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 18 and 20 of
this series are also available.
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Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe
Harnessing the power of wind is one of
the best ways to meet our growing need
for energy at a time when fossil fuels
are in short supply.

As the turbines get increasingly bigger
and heavier, with higher towers and
larger blades, transporting them from
the manufacturers to the farms is an
increasingly difficult job as narrow,
bendy roads with height restrictions on
them are often unavoidable. To counter
these everyday challenges, smarter
transport solutions are required and
Nooteboom Trailers in Wijchen, in the
Netherlands are the leading solution

We look here at their Mega Windmill
Transporter, put to work by the AltéAd
company, transporting two nacelles in
the South of France where bureaucracy
is the biggest problem. We then see the
Portuguese company LASO transporting 63
metre blades, 170km through Sierra
Nevada to the port of Motril in Spain,
in 35°C heat. Next up is the Tele PX
Super Wing Carrier, shown transporting
blades in Denmark for the German
company AM Kran Wind.

Also featured is the arrival of blades
split into 2 parts at Noordoostpolder,
the largest wind park in the
Netherlands; the assembly and
installation of a complete turbine in
Germany and finally we look at the
machines coming and going from the port
of Grimsby in England and follow the
work of Scottish company McFadyens, who
handle the transportation for the
nearby Vestas factory.

Showing the latest turbine and...
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Leyland 100 - A Century of Progress
This special Leyland 100 Centenary
video, drawing on specially shot
footage and unique archive material,
pictures the products which made the
Lancashire town famous, interviews the
people who designed, made, sold and
drove those passenger and commercial
vehicles and puts in context the
companies which prospered, declined and
were born again in the face of market
forces spanning several generation.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
  £ 14.95  £ 14.95  Add to Basket
Wynns Archive Volume 21
This programme uses a lot of film
recorded by George Godden showing a
number of movements made by staff from
Wynns' Chasetown Depot, Manchester. We
are indebted to Tim Wayne for the
limited amount of information that we
have about these moves.

We start with a 132 ft column being
moved from Danks at Netherton to
Liverpool Docks, this was the longest
column ever to be moved by Wynns.

BR class '8' No 71000 'Duke of
Gloucester' is shown being loaded at
Woodhams, Barry, for transportation to
Loughborough for restoration.

A 158 ton vessel is shown being loaded
at Southampton Docks for movement to
Fawley Refinery. Scammells 'Challenger'
and 'Enterprise' were used for the
intricate moves within Fawley. Many
more moves feature.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
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Wynns Archive Vol.1
Compiled exclusively from 16mm film taken by Wynns staff during the 1940s and 1950s. Pacifics, Scammells, Diamond Ts, Fodens and Ward LeFrance wreckers are all featured. Includes some pre-war sequences.
Narration by John Wynn.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
  £ 16.62  £ 19.95  Add to Basket
B-Train Bonanza 2
The second part of B-Train Bonanza shows more exciting and incredible hauls from these twin-trailer rigs. Once again the CP crew has travelled worldwide to capture these engineering marvels.

The journey begins in Holland, at the premises of Henk Vlot, where footage of his Long Heavy Vehicle combinations will be sure to amaze. Next stop is South Africa to see a brand-new Freightliner Argosy and interlink curtainsider. Then off to New Zealand to capture two of Alexanders' Western Star tanker combinations.

The final segment of this DVD is reserved for the stories of the exceptional ways in which the twin trailer B-double concept has been embraced in Australia. Includes footage of a logging operation, hauling livestock in two Kenworths, a unique B-triple folding log trailer, a few 175-tonne road trains and one 480-tonne off-highway five-trailer bulk coal hauler.
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