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Take a look at the latest releases from the Classic Tractors shop.


Traction Engines Part One
Peter Love
Following on from the very popular
Showmans’ Engines publication last
year, Traction Engines, part one, is
the new book coming soon from Old
Glory magazine. Here, with archive and
contemporary photography, we
illustrate and document the working
lives of these engines, and look at
many examples that have survived
through to preservation. Traction
Engines, part one, as it suggests if
the first book in a series on traction
engines, here we cover the
manufacturers Alchin, Aveling &
Porter, Brown & May, Burrell, Clayton
& Shuttleworth, Collins, Davey Paxman,
Dodman, Foden & Foster.
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Balers and Bale Handling Equipment
William Alderson
This book follows the development of balers from the very early crude machines of the 1880s up to the large square bale monsters of the 21st century. The need for baled material was brought about by the increasing amount of this bulky produce being transported by road, and in some cases over considerable distance.

During the First World War, there were over one million army horses in France, all had to be fed on hay from British farms. In the interwar years the British built stationary baler reigned supreme, then by the late thirties American and European firms were developing the “Pick up Baler”. With British manufactures becoming involved in development from the forties onwards.

Once baled, the forage also needed handling, from the earliest devices that were towed around behind balers.

In conclusion the author looks at the more recent developments, fuelled by the need for larger quantities of forage and straw to be quickly baled and handled.
Extensively illustrated with early archive black and white images and colour scenes through the ages.
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Hardback Book
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Classic Oliver Tractors
Classic Oliver Tractors - - History, Models, Variations & Specifications 1897-1976

Classic Oliver Tractors chronicles this historic agricultural brand from when James Oliver bought a quarter-share of the South Bend Foundry in 1855 to when the last Oliver-branded tractor rolled off the assembly line in 1976. The Oliver Corporation’s roots run deep in the agricultural industry. This once small company started with a young man and an idea that would lighten the load of the farmer. Through the years the company grew and acquired other companies with the same philosophy until nearly a dozen companies operating under the Oliver flag became a strong force in the farm market.

This new account of Oliver’s history includes its industrial and crawler tractors, implements, international ventures, and the various products that carried the Oliver badge. Vintage advertisements, brochures, and both color and black and white photos, alongside contemporary color images, illustrate this compelling part of agriculture’s history.
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Lee Klancher
The all brand tractor book you always wanted.

Tractor The Heartland Innovation, Ground-Breaking Machines, Midnight Schemes, Secret Garages and Farmyard Geniuses That Mechanized Agriculture.

This rollicking ride into machine history follows the innovators, entrepreneurs and hucksters who transformed our world with farm machines. Starting with the turn-of-the-century visionaries who saw that four wheels and a motor could replace the horse, the book moves swiftly through key early developments to cover the power farming movement of the latter part of the 20th Century—a time when major manufacturers lagged behind and independent builders and farmers began creating their own solutions with a pencil drawing and a welder.

The book includes stories of the butcher shop where John Deere secretly designed a completely new line of four and six-cylinder tractors, to the skullduggery and corporate raiding that took place in fields and back lots as company agents schemed to discover what their dirty ol’ competitors had up their sleeves. The book moves all the way up through the creation of the first tractor electronics, the merger movement of the 1980s, and the emergence of the high-technology innovations such as smart farms and auto-guidance which are changing the farm as we know it. This raucous, heartfelt book shines a light on some of the bright minds and innovative companies which emerged from the fertile fields of America’s heartland.
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Hardback Book
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ERF NGC Lorries of Arabia Part 3
Robert Hackford
This book is a tribute to ERF’s world-class NGC long-hauler, and to those pioneering truckers who drove them on the Middle East run. It is the third and final history of this premium tractive unit model with new finding, insights and photographs that have come to light since publication of the previous volumes.
In it, you will discover fresh facts about the ERF NGC’s left-hand drive design, and its legendary performance in mountainous terrain; there are also fascination true-life takes from the truckers who drove and lived in them during the early days of the Middle East run- all told in the author’s passionate and engaging style, and accompanied by evocative contemporary photographs
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Hardback Book
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The Silk Road and Beyond
Ivor Whittall
The Silk Road and Beyond The Hair-Raising True Adventures of a Long-Distance Trucker in the Middle East.

The Silk Road and Beyond covers the career, adventures and anecdotes of Ivor Whittall, one of the early pioneers of long distance haulage to the Middle East. Written in an engaging style, the book encompasses stories from the beginning of Ivor’s career, from qualifying as an articulated-truck driver, his first overseas trip to Kuwait, the desert trek between Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the journey over the infamous Tahir Pass in Eastern Turkey, which claimed many trucks and the lives of some of their drivers.
The book is edited and revised by Paul Rowlands, himself an experienced trucker and published book author, and includes many amusing and hair-raising tales. It covers subjects such as the recovery of broken down trucks and trailers and the delights of custom formalities and cross-border negotiations, not only providing a fascinating insight to this important period in transport history, but demonstrating the important qualities of determination and self-reliance, applied by the author to many challenging situations.

True tales from one of the pioneers of Middle East trucking.

A (long-distance!) rollercoaster ride of adventure, adversity, courage, camaraderie, high drama and humour.

Full of disastrous near misses, mechanical failures, cultural misunderstandings, border control mix-ups, and intense homesickness.
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Hardback Book
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British Recovery Vehicles
Bill Reid
A recovery vehicle, or breakdown wagon, is the type of truck you hope you will never need. Unfortunately, they are an integral part of everyday life and are to be seen in various forms attending breakdowns and road traffic accidents.

From the beginnings of mechanised transport there has always been the need for towing disabled motor vehicles, and the earliest recovery was carried out by real horse power. In time, most urban and rural garages would have an old car converted as a towing vehicle, parked in a corner awaiting the call for help. As motor vehicles became larger, so did the recovery vehicles, right up to heavy lorry and bus conversions that could handle the transport of the time. Specialist recovery companies were set up for towing and transport of disabled vehicles, while local garages maintained an ability to deal with customer breakdowns and accidents. Recovery trucks have evolved into large multi-wheeled vehicles with up to five axles, equipped with custom-built equipment, including cranes and heavy-duty winches. Some of these vehicles are the most spectacular sights in road transport.

Showing a wide variety of vehicles, Bill Reid celebrates Britain’s road recovery vehicles in a selection of rare and previously unpublished images.
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Milk Transport
Nigel Scaife
Distribution of milk started from cow houses in the city, or farms using horses and carts. Later, milk was collected in milk churns, which the farmer left on a milk stand at the farm gate and which were collected by a lorry for delivery to the dairy. Milk also used to be moved on the railways, from sidings to dairies around the country.

The Milk Marketing Board (MMB) was formed in 1933 and sold the milk to the dairies on behalf of the farmers. In the early years, the milk industry also saw some big names including Co-Op, Express, Unigate and United Dairies, who all had their own transport. In 1993 the government ordered the abolishment of the MMB to allow free competition in the milk industry. This gave the dairies a chance to have their own transport to move bulk milk. At the same time the company Milk Marque was formed, which had the job of moving all the milk which wasn’t supplied directly to the dairy companies.

Using 180 rare and previously unpublished images, Nigel Scaife tells the story of transport and milk.
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Vintage Roadscene Archive Voume 3 - Guy
Compiled & Edited by Malcolm Bates
A brief history of one of Great Britain's most successful Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers, featuring many original Factory Press Photographs and previously unpublished archive material.
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Lumberjills - Britains Forgotten Army
Joanna Foat
When war was declared in 1939, Britain was almost completely dependent on imported timber – but only had seven months of it stockpiled. Timber was critical to the war effort: it was needed for everything from aircraft and shipbuilding to communications and coal mining. The British timber trade was in trouble. Enter the Lumberjills. Lacking in both men and timber, the government made a choice. Reluctantly, they opened lumber work for women to apply – and apply they did. The Women’s Timber Corps had thousands of members who would prove themselves as strong and as smart as any man: they felled and crosscut trees by hand, operated sawmills, and ran whole forestry sites. They may not have been on the front line, but they fought their own battles on the home front for respect and equality. And in the midst of heavy labour and wartime, they lived a life, making firm friends and even finding soulmates. In Lumberjills, researcher Joanna Foat tells their story for the first time, and gives them the recognition they so truly deserve.
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Racing the Wind A Cumbrian Childhood
Patricia Nolan
This powerful and beautifully-written account is the memoir of Patricia Nolan who lived in a tiny community in Cumbria and it captures the end of an era in the 1950s.
‘When the first organ-transplant was taking place, when computers were starting to revolutionise our lives and television was arriving in the sitting-rooms of Britain, in my house we were still dipping buckets into a stream to make a cup of tea and going to bed by candlelight,’ she writes.
The tale covers three years of the author’s life, made particularly vivid by a traumatic event which opens the book, but which goes on to depict a poor but close rural community with its village school, its annual country show, its Christmas celebrations and its local characters - all set against the dramatic back-drop of Scafell and the surrounding hills and moors on which she and her friends ran free.
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Hardback Book
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Early Massey Ferguson Implements - and the Tractors that pulled then
John Farnworth
Written and researched by agricultural historian John Farmworth - This book offers a comprehensive coverage of the wide range of implements produced and marketed around the world for the Massey Ferguson tractors which succeeded the iconic TE and TO series tractors. As such it principally covers the implements for the MF35 and MF65 tractors. John Farnworth has conveniently divided his coverage of the implements of this era into seven main production/marketing areas of the world.

Extensively illustrated with early archive black/white images and colour scenes through the ages.
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Red 4WD Tractors 1957-2017
Lee Klancher
Postage for this item will be £8.00
for UK Delivery as it weighs over 3kg
and will be sent via a Courier rather
than Royal Mail, thank you. A PayPal
Money Request will be sent following
purchase for the additional
£19.00 for Europe
£28.50 for Rest of the World Zone 1
£31.50 for Australia and New Zealand
(Zone 2)
or £20.50 for Surface Mail (Ship -
1-3 Months for Zone 1 and 2)

The story of the four-wheel-drive
tractors built by Steiger,
Harvester, Case, and Case IH is told
dramatic fashion in this authoritative
guide. Starting with the development
early four-wheel-drive systems at
International Harvester, the book
the evolution and design some of the
most powerful and capable tractors of
the twentieth century. The book
the complete story of Steiger
which were originally built and
in a garage in Fargo, North Dakota. As
the Steiger machines grew to become
of the highest quality high-horsepower
machines on the market, International
Harvester developed its own line of
four-wheel-drive tractors. Case also
built a line of low-cost high-power
tractors. The book tells the story of
each of these players in the industry,
and how they all combined under one
banner and, together, created one of
current industry- leading
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