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Take a look at the latest releases from the Classic Tractors shop.


Earth Movers in Scotland
David Wylie
As Scottish Correspondent for
Earthmovers Magazine, David Wylie has
enjoyed privileged access to the mines,
quarries, road projects and forestry
sites across Scotland. On his visits he
has seen some of the biggest and
arguably the best, earthmoving machinery
in the world, in action.

Earthmovers in Scotland brings together
32 of David’s reports from these visits
to tell the story of the highly skilled,
experienced owners, drivers and managers
that work with earthmoving equipment and
explains why they select, maintain and
operate these machines. The book
features some of the largest earthmovers
in the UK, such as Caterpillar’s D11R
bulldozer, Liebherr’s massive 320 tonne
R9350s and the mighty 520 tonne Q&K
RH200 at Banks Mining Shotton surface
mine in Northumberland, a short hop over
the Scottish border. It also takes a
look at a 1.5 tonne mini digger, special
trailers that can lift and transport
1800 tonne bridges into position, and
covers Demag’s H485 record breaking
mining shovel amongst others.

Taking pride of place in the book are
over 400 stunning photographs, many of
which have not been seen before and many
of which feature machines that were the
first of their kind. Each high quality
photo has been carefully composed to
capture each machine in all its power
and brilliance with the spectacular
Scottish scenery as a backdrop and 80 of
the most important and detailed images
are presented as d...
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AEC Lorries
Bill Reid
AEC Lorries explores the story of lorry
use in the last fifty years, showing
the diverse use of the vehicles and
their configurations for many different
types of work, with a focus on one of
the great British manufacturers – AEC.
AEC lorries have always been held in
high esteem at home and abroad because
of their powerful engines and relative
simplicity. They were to be found in
many large and small fleets, capable of
any type of work.

A large proportion of AEC production
was exported, particularly to British
Commonwealth countries, where they
endured hostile climates, severe
overloading, and abuse on poor roads;
nevertheless, they remained as good
working equipment. It has been said by
many in the transport sector that if
AEC engines had been developed, rather
than other types within the British
Leyland range, AEC vehicles would have
become a range of lorries and buses
that were second to none.

Lorries are now the lifeblood of the
nation and, without them, our lives
would be much less rich. Railways have
always been of great interest, but road
transport, in its many forms and
diverse liveries, has become an object
of enthusiastic interest. This book
looks to explore one of the most iconic
and recognisable brands of British
roads, using 180 rare and unpublished
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Vintage & Classic Tractor Restoration
Richard Lofting
Vintage and Classic Tractor Restoration
is a complete guide to the subject,
looking at how to initially purchase a
tractor, through private means or at
auction, and then how to restore it
back to its former glory, as it would
have looked when it left the factory.

It is even possible to preserve a
classic tractor in its working
condition, which has a unique appeal to
some tractor collectors and in some
ways is harder than a full restoration
to undertake.

Fifty-two practical picture spreads
show techniques suitable for restorers
of all levels of skill.

Topics covered include:

Setting up the workshop and making
specialist tools
Finding a tractor to restore
Engine and fuel
Electrical systems
Transmission and brakes
Wheels, tyres and steering
Hydraulics and the three-point linkage
Painting and finishing
ISBN 9781785002663
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You Call We Haul The Life and Times of Bob Carter
Mat Ireland
Best known for founding international
haulier, Trans UK, Bob Carter was
involved in the ground-breaking
changes occurring in British transport
of the 60s and 70s and it is fair to
say that he had an unusual and varied
life. Beginning in the army where he
witnessed nuclear testing on Christmas
Island in the 1950s, he went on to be
a driver, office worker and finally
company owner.

Never afraid to get his hands dirty,
Bob was able to turn his hand to any
aspect of his business operation, from
repairing mechanical defects, to
operating forklifts and even on the
odd occasion, driving his own trucks.
In 1975 he set out on Trans UK’s
maiden run to Iran in his Humber
Sceptre with 4 of his trucks in convoy
– the first trip of many, for the

The denationalization of BRS and the
implementation of the ‘O’ licence, the
rapid growth of privately owned
haulage companies, combined with the
Middle East oil boom of the 70s all
helped Bob to develop a successful
British and international transport
operation. A real one-off and Mr. Nice
Guy, Bob Carter was held in high
esteem and respected by one and all.
Including nearly 300 previously
unpublished photos, You Call, We Haul
is an inspirational story which will
appeal to those with an interest in
the hey-day of Middle-East travel and
those with a general love of great
British transport companies.

Mat Ireland was born in Weymouth in
1981. His firs...
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British Tractors A History of Tractors Made or Used in Britain
Benjamin Phillips
The story of British tractors has its
beginnings a century ago and continues
to the present day. Many of these
tractors were developed by British
companies, a significant number of
which grew to become major
manufacturers in later years. The
demand for home food production
through two World Wars also gave a
boost to American manufacturers and
many of the best known tractor model
names in Britain were originally
American; some were imported but large
numbers also came to be built in
Britain. In recent years the number of
British-based manufacturers has
dwindled, although New Holland
produces tractors for the world market
from its base in Basildon, and
competition now comes from around the

This book is a survey of all the most
significant tractor types to be built
or operated in Britain from the early
years of the 20th century to the
present day. It is arranged by
manufacturer, with a short history and
survey of the tractor manufacturer and
its models. The book is heavily
illustrated throughout with examples
of significant tractor models through
the ages.

Some of these tractor names still
survive today in the form of the many
thousands of historical vehicles that
are preserved and can be seen at shows
- often in action or in agricultural

Although written by an expert, this is
a highly accessible and affordable
title which will appeal to both
enthusiasts and those...
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Massey Ferguson Tractors
Johathan Whitlam
Massey Ferguson Tractors takes up the
story of Massey Ferguson tractors from
1957, after the merger of Massey-Harris
and Ferguson, when the red-and-grey
colour scheme was used for the first
time. The author describes the early
models that were to establish Massey
Ferguson’s reputation for rugged
reliability and adaptability: the 35
and 65 models of the 1960s led to the
larger 1100, 1085 and 1155 models,
while, in the 1970s and 1980s, greater
demands for comfort saw the arrival of
the 500 and 600 series. Overall, the
range performs all tasks, from the
basic and popular to what is needed by
the tractor powerhouses of modern
industrial farming. Moreover, with all
the latest developments included,
Massey Ferguson Tractors brings the
reader completely up to date, as well
as offering a look at what the future
might bring.

With a wide range of modern photography
covering both preserved and working
examples, this is a fresh and
comprehensive view of the one of the
agricultural world’s most popular
manufacturers of tractors, considering
the tractors in relation to the time in
which they were built as well as by the
standards of today.
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David Brown Tractors
Jonathan Whitlam
This book covers the whole history of
David Brown tractors from 1939 to the
closure of the company in 1988. It
describes the models developed at the
factory in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and
how they evolved over time. It also
covers the many innovative features that
were pioneered by David Brown, including
hydraulic systems and transmissions.
From the early Type A tractor developed
with Harry Ferguson, through the
independently developed David Brown
models, including the Cropmaster, the
900 Series and the Selectamatic range of
1965, through the 90 and 94 Series and
also touching on other David Brown
inspired machinery, this book covers
every aspect of David BRown tractor

It also includes discussion of the
mergers with the US Case company and
International Harvester before the
ultimate demise of David Brown in the
face of a worldwide slump, this book is
a concise but complete account of what
was a leading British tractor

Softback, 96 pages, 147 full colour
photographs, £14.99 plus postage and
Please order below according to the
country you wish the book to be sent to
as postage and packing costs vary
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  £ 14.99  £ 14.99  Add to Basket
Working with Harry Ferguson
John Farnworth
John Farnworth is an internationally
recognized author on the history of
Massey-Harris, Ferguson and Massey
Ferguson and has written some
substantive books on the subject
covering various aspects of the
companies’ history, plus many articles
in enthusiasts’ magazines.

This latest book is unique in that it
seeks to reveal some of the essential
nature of the personality and character
of the agricultural engineering genius
Harry Ferguson. This insight is derived
from the writings of two of his most
senior colleagues James Duncan and
Hermann Klemm and a large number of
communications between Ferguson and his
senior staff in both the UK and the USA.
Duncan was one of Canada’s senior
industrialist of the day and served
Massey-Harris for 46 years finishing his
career with tem as President.

He was used to negotiating extensively
at every level of the business and with
governments. During the war he also
headed up Massey-Harris’s production of
tanks and other armaments. He was
effectively to become Ferguson’s “boss”
when M-H bought out Ferguson in 1953 –
something which Ferguson did not quite
appreciate was his destiny!

Hermann Klemm was born in Germany and
solidly Teutonic, an engineer through
and through form an aeronautical
background. He was Ferguson’s senior
engineer in Detroit. These tow
personalities were vey contrasting and
totally different to the highly
independently minded Ferguson. The ...
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Swift Caravans
Andrew Jenkinson
Starting in 1965, when Swift found
success with its early models, this
book follows the development of Swift
Caravans to the present day, where it
has grown into a multi-brand leisure
vehicle producer. The author describes
the early models, which became popular
with distinctive features such as the
tri-front window. By the early 1970s,
the Swift name had become established
and the company started to move into
the upper clubman market with the
introduction of the Corniche range.

Continuing into the 1980s with a
spirit of innovation, Swift improved
its designs with wind-tunnel
technology and produced lighter
tourers alongside the manufacture of
coachbuilt motorhomes. The company
continued to expand with the
acquisition of Cotswold Coachcraft and
later Sprite Leisure, Bessacarr, Ace,
Award and Autocruise, plus a tie up
with US Airstream travel trailers.

The author also covers the latest
developments in what has now become
the Swift Group, including further
brand acquisitions and expansion
abroad. Written by an acknowledged
expert in caravans, motorhomes and
holiday static caravans, this book is
an essential guide to a great British
manufacturing success story.
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John Deere Tractors
Jonathan Whitlam
John Deere is one of the world’s
leading tractor companies and this
fascinating book brings together the
full account of production in both the
United States and in Europe. Using
modern photography and a largely
chronological account of tractor
development, the author provides an
excellent overview of the evolution of
John Deere tractors over the decades.

Starting with the early two-cylinder
tractors developed in the USA and
moving through the creation of multi-
cylinder engines after the takeover of
the Lanz business in Germany, the book
covers the 40 and 50 series of the
late 1980s and the innovations in the
1990s when John Deere effectively re-
invented the tractor with their full-
frame designs.

Bringing the reader right up to date
with the latest designs that bristle
with technological sophistication and
covering the evolution of John Deere
tractor development, this book will be
an essential read for both John Deere
enthusiasts and all those interested
in the history of tractors, old and
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Volvo Lorries
Bill Reid
Car production at Volvo began in 1926
in Stockholm with a prototype. By 1927
small goods vehicles based on the car
designs were in production at
Gothenburg, and heavier three-tonners
were being produced by 1928.

Already known for their robust cars,
Volvo lorries first came to British
roads in 1967 after Jim McKelvie, a
former road haulier, saw the need for
better trucks than UK manufacturers
were producing at the time, and
imported the Volvo F86 model as a
30/32 ton artic unit. The lorry was
light, had a high power-to-weight
ratio and provided incomparable
comfort for the driver. It took the UK
market by storm.

This early import was the forerunner
of later Volvo trucks across the
entire range, with various models of
bus chassis also being introduced to
the UK markets. Volvo production has
gone forward in leaps and bounds,
today being a major player on the
world stage.

Though a relative newcomer to the UK
scene, Volvos have gained a very large
following. Lavishly illustrated with
rare and unpublished photographs,
Volvo Lorries traces their history in
Britain from the early F86 imports of
the 1960s to the FH16 750 bhp fleet
flagships seen on the roads today.
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Road Haulage Archive Body Language
Vintage Roadscene
RHA Body Language

Commercial Vehicle Bodies from
Dropsiders to Pantechnicons

A pictorial survey of Commercial
bodywork from the 1920s to the 1970s
featuring many previously unpublished
photos from the archives.
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Fairground Focus No 3 Transport Through the Lens
Malcolm Slater
Following the same format as his
previous two titles the author
continues his look at fairground
transport. Chapters include towing
vehicles, four wheel vehicles, six
wheel vehicles, eight wheel vehicles,
articulated vehicles, ex-military and
buses. Lavishly illustrated with
images from the 1930s and includes for
the first time some of the more modern
vehicles used by showmen in the 20th

Photographs on every page all in Black
and White.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
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RHA "Loaded!" Classic Lorries & Their Loads
Kelsey Publishing
Issue 19 in the Road Haulage Archive
Series is a pictorial review of
Commercial Vehicles operating in Britain
from the 1930s to the 1970s. Featuring
many previously unpublished archive
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Petter Universal Oil & Petrol Engines New 1930 Model
This booklet of 39 pages, very
tastefully reproduced in colour, is a
reprint of a 1929 sales catalogue,
published by Petters in readiness for
the “New Model” oil engine which was to
be announced in 1930.

It covers most of all the main unique
features of the different sizes of New
Model two-stroke engines in the range;
the carburettor, the BTH magneto,
conversion to or from kerosene operation
and so on. It illustrates most examples
of New Model types and sizes, and their
uses for pumping water, air compressors,
hoists and crop sprayers. Naturally
lighting sets including the Petter Auto-
Light sets are well-catered for because
the two-stroke cycle lends itself
admirably to such a purpose.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
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Petter Stationary & Marine Oil Engines Catalogue
Petter Stationary & Marine Oil Engines

A catalogue of stationary & marine oil
engines, electrical generating and
pumping units manufactured by Petter

First published in 1978, and again in a
slightly revised form in 1993 by the
late David Edgington, it was a popular
publication which soon sold out and it
was his express wish that Doreen would
eventually get a second reprint of the
1993 edition reprint done. The book is
in fact a facsimile of a 1932 catalogue
of Petter models and types, and was
published with permission of Petters
Limited. The catalogue not only deals
with various electrical gen-sets, cement
mixers, power-winches and pumping sets
driven by different models of Petter
engines; S-types, M-types, Atomic,
Universal air-cooled and marine, but
also includes a couple of interesting
chapters on then-current Westland
Aircraft built at Yeovil; Westland being
under the Petters “umbrella”.

There is a brief dating guide for the
more popular models and, towards the
rear of the book, many pages of
information on oils, fuels, calculations
of power needs and ratios and a whole
detailed chapter on the patent Petter
Calibrater pressure lubricator. Lavishly
illustrated with pictures and with
diagrams, this descriptive book of 172
pages in A4 format should grace the
shelves of, not only most avid Petter
engine enthusiasts, but indeed any
engine collector – especially those who
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
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New Holland Tractors
Jonathan Whitlam
This book tells the full story of one of
the newest and most successful tractor
manufacturers, which has roots in the
classic Ford and Fiat brands of years
gone by.

From 1991, when Fiat acquired Ford New
Holland, the New Holland brand tractors
have been at the forefront of the latest
tractor designs. The technical
sophistication in medium to high
horsepower tractors has changed beyond
all recognition. The book covers early
models such as the 40, 70 and 80 series,
as well as current models such as the T4
to T9 models, to provide full coverage
of the cutting edge of tractor

The author examines the latest
generation of tractors, from small
speciality tractors to giants of nearly
700hp, and also looks at the future,
including the development of tractors
powered by alternative fuels such as

As New Holland tractors continue to go
from strength to strength, this book is
a timely expert guide to one of the
world’s foremost tractor brands
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
  £ 14.99  £ 14.99  Add to Basket
25 Years of The Ayrshire Road Run
Bill Reid
The Ayrshire Road Run was instigated in
1993 as an adjunct to the established
annual vintage rally organised by the
Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery
Club (AVT&MC). The idea was to promote
the rally by running entered commercial
vehicles around the major towns in
Ayrshire. Over the following years the
Road Run attracted more and more vintage
vehicles, from small vans and double-
decker buses to full-sized articulated

The event has continued to grow,
attracting more than a hundred vehicles
each year. Here, organiser Bill Reid
celebrates twenty-five years of the run
with a superb collection of photographs
documenting the various participants
from over the years.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
  £ 14.99  £ 14.99  Add to Basket
Road Haulage Archive Parcels, Polish & Pipes Issue 20
Mike Forbes
Parcels, Polish & Pipes - A Working Life
As A Delivery Driver.

Issue 20 in the Road Haulage Archive
Series is a pictorial review of
Commercial Vehicles used by delivery
drivers for such companies as BRS
Parcels, Roadline, Reckitt & Colman, P &
O Distribution, John Bell Pipeline
Equipment and more.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
  £ 7.95  £ 7.95  Add to Basket
Pull The Other One!
Roger Evans
Roger Evans, Britain's favourite dairy
farmer, is back with his popular diary
telling his fans about his farm, his
dogs, his daily ups and downs and his
views on everything from the
characters in his local pub to the
price of milk. This new volume is as
witty and entertaining as ever.
  RRP Ex Tax  Inc Tax   
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